Hidden Camera Keychain Video Audio Recorder

KeyChain Hidden Video Recorder

Key Chain hidden cameraI recently came across this article I had written a while ago and thought it might be appropriate as it relates to the key chain camera a very unique device The keychain camera hidden camera is the most unique camera that we have at SpyGeeks. For the money it does more than any of the other cameras that we have. Its uniqueness is that it takes pictures as well as video. With the mini hidden camera keychain car remote the most difficult part of using it is to have proper lighting and and understanding of how the camera operates. The  key chain camera is very small. It easily records covert activity or any activity that requires monitoring. You will find instructions to operate the camera on our YouTube Video and view video from this unique video and audio recorder. The keychain can be used anyplace, this is what makes it so ingenious. All you have to do is to place it and aim it towards where you would like to capture the video. Placing the camera on a counter and aiming it at the target will capture stable video will produce and excellent image with sound. It is natural to hold keys in your hand. Once the recorder is turned on there are no flickering lights to indicate the device is recording. So it is very easy to aim and record at the subject that is under surveillance. The target will never know of the recording. When your are a passenger in a vehicle, place it on the dash or by the rearview window to capture video and conversation. It can even be hidden underneath anything such as a blanket or in a pack of cigarettes.

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