Hidden Camera Mini Alarm Clock 12 Recording Motion Activated

Mini Alarm Clock 12 Hour Motion Activated

The Mini Digital Hidden Camera Alarm Clock DVR is the ultimate digital video recorder!  Hide this amazing camera in plain sight. It is cleverly disguised as a fully functional alarm clock.Todays Sale Price

Several Uses

  • This hidden camera is perfect for when you travel and want to know who comes and goes from your room while you are gone.
  • Secretly monitor a single room in your home.
  • Catch your spouse snoring or watch your pets as they play while you are away.
  • Place it into a window and observe a specific area on the exterior of your home.
  • Use as a Nanny Cam to observe¬† your baby sitter.
  • Granny cam to monitor elderly family members.
  • Use it to check up on your employees or your kids when you are not at home.

It comes with a variety of recording options including 12 hours of video and 25 hours of audio using audio only, take still photo, turn on motion detection or it will work as a web cam!

  1. A 2200mA lithium battery is capable of recording for up to 12 hours on a single charge.
  2. When In motion detection mode it saves the battery and storage space. The camera comes with a 4GB micro SD card and will handle a 32GB TF card.
  3. Still pictures are captured at 1280 x 960 resolution in JPEG format.
  4. SpyGeeks Support
  5. This Alarm Clock DVR captures video at an impressive 640 x 480 resolution at 30 FPS in AVI format.
  6. Download Files to Computer or Play back on TV
  7. Control remotely with Remote control
  8. Records at 30 FPS in AVI Format

Simply connect the clock to your computer with the included USB cable to upload your videos and photos.

FREE 4GB SD-CARD Included.

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