How To Find The WEP Key for A Linksys Cisco Router

How to Find The WEP Key

To find the WEP Key for a Linksys Router log into your router by typing in the http address for the router which is http: You will need your User ID: and Password to gain access to the router. Once this information is accepted it will take us to the router setup. Here you will look for  wireless section on the menu bar.  The WEP Key is the security access Key to the wireless network.

Now choose wireless security on the menu bar and there will be a drop down menu with the following

Security Mode:

WEP Encryption:


Key 1:

The first on the list is the Security Mode. Make sure that WEP is selected in this drop down menu. Then create a Passphrase and and hit generate it will automatically generate a sequence of numbers and letters creating your WEP Key. Once you have this it is best to copy it down somewhere so that when you need it you will have it.

The WEP Key will allow you to log into the various devices that are part of the network, then set them up properly.

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