How To Setup DVR For Internet Viewing

Learn How to Setup A DVR for Internet Viewing.



To setup a  CCTV DVR LAN Connection, one or more cameras must be connected to the DVR. The first thing to do is to connect an Ethernet cable from the DVR to the router. The ethernet cable has a telephone connection on both ends and provides the signal from the DVR to the router. Now go into the menu of the DVR it will be located on the face of the DVR. Select the network setup tab.

Setting Up The Internal IP Address 

In the menu take note of the IPADDR this is the IP address the DVR is currently receiving from the router. Now notice the IP Mode, currently the IP Mode is static, we are going to change it to DHCP. This is done to allow the router to assign the DVR an IP Address. Once the DHCP mode is selected hit the menu button and it will automatically update the IP Address. Once finished hit the menu button again and select setup this will take us to the network setup menu. Here you will see the IP Address has changed to a new IP address. This is our new internal IP address for our LAN, Local Area Network. Write this number down we will need it for the CCTV DVR set up. Go back to the IP mode and change from DHCP to Static IP address to prevent the IP address from changing. Next in the same menu select HTTP Port. It should read Port 80. We want to change this to another designated Port. Often Port 80 is the default for other devices and may interfere with our port. We want to assign our system its own designated port of 88 or it could be 89, 90 or even 91-99. Once this has been done hit the menu button twice and it will load with all of our settings and take us out of the setup. Just as long as it is different. For now this completes the router setup portion of the DVR.

Computer Setup Of DVR 

To verify our internal IP address type it into the browser and make sure you type in 88 at the end so it will read Once this is done hit enter and the setup for the DVR will appear. Now we need to make some router setting changes so we log into our router settings at Yours may be slightly different with a variation of 2.1 or 1.1 at the end. This will take us to the router setup so we can open a port on the router. If you are having problems you can visit and they have information on every possible router. Next click on virtual servers from the menu. This will redirect common network services to a specific device behind the firewall. Our device is our DVR. Fill in the local IP address with the same internal IP Address. The port range is our port number which is 88 to 88. The description is our DVR, just name it DVR number 1 2 or what ever may be applicable. You may have a modem that may assign the router an internal IP address, in this instance it would be called bridging. The WAN (Wide Area Network) is the same as the world wide web or the internet.

Testing The Port Forwarding 

When finished test the system by placing the external IP address in the browser. The external IP address can be found by going to it will be displayed upon arriving at the sight. Now type this into a new browser and include the http:// and at the end of the IP Address place a colon along with the new port number which in this case was 88. Then hit enter it will then ask for authentication.  The default user name is admin and the password is also admin. This will get you into the setup. Once there the password and user ID can be changed.

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