IP Camera Set Up

IP Camera Set Up

These instructions for how to setup IP camera and will be similar for most wireless IP cameras. There may be a few variations with the router or with the camera manufacturers that are involved. But overall it will be the same.

By following these directions you will learn how to setup IP camera. The first thing to do is to take all items out of the box and separate them.  Place them so you can easily identify each part. Make sure you have the following items, the camera itself, a bracket to mount the camera, a network cable and software to install on the computer you want to monitor your camera.

Local Area Network (LAN) [button link=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_area_network” bg_color=”#20cfe6″]LAN Local Area Network[/button]


Then you will want to plug the power cord into the camera, with the other end into an electrical outlet. Then connect one end of the network cable (Ethernet Cable) into the back of the camera and the other end into one of the ports on router. At this point we are ready to set the camera up on our Local Area Network (LAN). Next log into your router by typing your IP address into the browser. If you do not know your IP address visit What is my IP Address they will immediately identify your IP address. Once typed in, a pop up window will ask for your user ID and password to log into your router. This info was established on the initial installation of the router and you should be aware of it.

DHCP Client

Next check the DHCP client table to find out what internal IP address the camera has been assigned. Once found, click on the network name and many of the fields will be populated for the camera setup. They may ask for a WEP Key. To find the WEP Key go back to the router in the wireless section, then click the wireless security tab. Now copy the WEP Key and go back to the camera setup. Here you will place it in the box asking for the WEP Key. The WEP Key is used to connect the cameras to the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Once you click save, it will generate a new IP address to access the wireless cameras. This is the address to access the internal wireless local area network IP address of the camera. Now paste it into a new tab in your browser. Then hit enter and it should take you to the camera that is being set up. Now log into the software of the camera and click on the wireless tab. A new window should appear showing the Wireless Local Area Network that has just been created.

Port Forwarding Video

Setting Up Port Forwarding

To finish the set up it is necessary to log back into the cameras software by typing in our new wireless local area network IP address. Once there look for HTTP Port usually you will see Port 80 assigned to this location it is best to change this to a different number to one that you are sure is not being used perhaps 88, 89 or 90.

Now go back and log into your router. Then find the applications and gaming section. Open the port forwarding section and find a blank line, in the application space type in wireless IP Camera then the port number twice, which is 89. Then fill in the IP address for the wireless local area network. When we log into our camera from a remote location port 89 will forward our request to log into the wireless local area network.

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