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This short video showing how to connect and install the 4 channel USB DVR motion activated system software download. SD Card DVR confined to Windows O/S

Spy Sun Glasses Demo

Spy Sunglasses used for covert detective work or at the beach. Great for sporting events, concerts, school programs, kids ball games Offshore Fishing or Any Hands Free Activity. Check out Our High End Sunglasses

Voice Changer

How To Use Voice Changer Video fun with friends or disguise voice when making a phone call. A voice changer for the professional.

Different Types Of Cameras

Home surveillance camera systems with a 4 Camera DVR system, individual hardwired cameras, wireless cameras, Carrier Current Systems, Fake Cameras and Wireless IP cameras.

DIY Surveillance Camera System

4 Camera Surveillance DIY kit. Demonstrating the components of the DVR, Cables, Cameras and how they all connect together. Information regarding the Cameras ability to see at night.

USB Audio Recorder

USB 2GB Flash Drive Digital Audio Recorder. A USB that is actually an audio recorder. Simple to use. On board lithium battery. Just connect to your computer.

Forus Voice Recorder

Voice activated Forus recorder has 256 MB built in to provide 133 hours of recording time. Only turns on when it hears noise.

Motion Activated Cube Clock

Video information on the ALC DVR32 with SD Card recording video from a working hidden camera Alarm Clock Radio.

Mini Digital Alarm Clock

The Mini Digital Hidden Camera Alarm Clock DVR . Hide this  camera in plain sight. It is cleverly disguised as a fully functional alarm clock.