How To And Product Video

Install PinHole Camera | Spy Pen | Wall Clock

Pin Hole Camera

Install a pin hole camera in drywall to observe areas covertly. Excellent to place over cash register.

Spy Pen Camera

How a Spy Pen Camera camcorder works from capturing a video to watching the video on a computer.

Wall Clock

Wall clock with hidden surveillance Camera. Easy to Make it yourself with a micro Pinhole Snakehead Security camera

Key Chain Camera

Video and Instructions on How to operate the 808 keychain camera to take video as well as pictures. Plus see video and pictures from the 808 keychain video camera.

USB Pen Camera

Video and audio from this USB Pen Camera. Record a meeting or conference. Many different way to use this product.

Video From Sun Glasses

Video taken from 1.3-2.8 and 5.0 Megapixel sunglasses at Cranes Roost Park, Altamonte Springs Mall and Spygeeks Parking lot.

Motion Sensor Hidden Camera

Motion Sensor Camera Recording Video Audio To SD Card Upon Motion. Remove SD Card and Play back on Computer.

Motion Sensor Hidden Camera

A motion activated hidden camera with audio and video. Digital video recording to an SD card or a DVR play SD Card back on computer.

Motion Activated Cube Clock

Video information on the ALC DVR32 with SD Card recording video from a working hidden camera Alarm Clock Radio