Setting Up DVR And Connecting To The Internet For Remote Viewing

How To Setup DVR To The Internet And Related Videos

Configure DVR

How to configure a DVR with the computer and router for remote viewing. Contact for Support.

Set Up LAN

The directions show how to set up LAN Connection for CCTV DVR port forwarding using a Zyxel Router.

Port Forwarding

Connecting Port Forwarding for security surveillance camera system to the DVR

 Router Security

The differences Between WEP Key Security and WPA Key Security WPA2 Key vs WEP Key Vs WPA Key. A quick look at how wireless security will impact network devices.

 Signal Transmission

Signal transmission is the determining factor in establishing the cost of analog and digital technologies. Analog and digital signals are both used in signal transmission.

WEP Key On Linksys Router

Step by step instructions on how to find the Wep key on a Linksys Router. The type of Wep Key determines the type of router security

Back Up DVR To Flash Drive

Instructions on how to back up video from hard drive to a flash drive.


CCD image sensor used in analog video require more power than a CMOS image sensor commonly found in battery operated cameras.

LENS Specifications

Wide angel Lens Specificaton affects picture. Actual video footage showing the differences between different lens.