USB DVR Motion Activated Recorder


USB DVR 4 Channel System-Video Demonstration

This short video will show you how to connect and install the 4 channel USB DVR software download. The USB DVR drivers will be downloaded within the software disc creating a smooth video transition to your PC. One of the least expensive ways to have video security is to have a system that connects directly to your computer. I suggest that you start out with one camera and a system such as this. With a USB DVR 4 channel system you can have from 1 to 4 cameras. This video will provide insight on how to set up a system and use the software provided. The drivers for the system will be in the download disc along with a dashboard to set up the cameras to your personal liking. Learning how to set up the USB DVR 4 channel system Is easily accomplished with the instructions and the set up disc. Logged into your system you will be able to make various adjustments to your settings. To ensure proper set up of the 4 channel USB DVR download disc and the drivers, make sure that you are using Window 7 or XP or older. Do you want more information on connecting a USB DVR 4 Chanel System to the internet? [/mp_span_inner] [/mp_row_inner]



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