Why Do Men and Women Cheat In A Marriage Relationship


Cheating SpousesWhy do women cheat on good men, is a question that a lot of good men would like to know the answer to. The same is true for women experiencing their spouse wandering away from their love nest. In either relationship the one not having the affair experiences an emotional downfall.

It is a difficult experience for all mates when their partner cheats on them. It is sad state of affairs often being left in the dark as to wondering how could this happen to me. There are several reasons why we are all a bunch of perfect people and only see those that are deceiving us. If anyone is truly interested in understanding this phenomena they first have to take a look at themselves. More often than not the one having sexual relations outside the marriage is doing so because there is no communications with each other.

When your spouse is having an affair or you suspect them having a relationship with another person step back and take a look at your relationship. The number one reason people divorce is because they do not like to be told what to do by their spouse. Our society is really good at passing judgment upon every little thing but unable to give the respect to others that we demand ourselves. These judgments end up creating wedges in our relationships. As time goes on the gap grows and our spouse is no longer communicating because everything we say becomes an intimidation. Even though we do not think it is.  When there is no communication one or the other will look to someone to fulfill this need. This is the beginning of  a new relationship where both people become scarred for life.

Biggest Reason

The biggest reason people indulges in deception is that they feel so important that they can not see the needs of their partner. Above all they surely do not discuss the needs of each other without judgment. They want to be lifted up by their partner and it does not happen. Both men and women need to feel important to each other. The idea of begin appreciated is exemplified in the words they say to each other. The result of intimidation and constant judgment is no one wants to be around that person. But if you are married to them they have no choice but to accept them or look for something better.


Left For Another Man

First off, if a spouse is having an affair because they are experiencing sexual dissatisfaction, the idea of  sexual dissatisfaction is a diversion from the real problem of not being able to talk about sex openly with each other without being judged or intimidated by the others beliefs. While it is by no means a good reason to break years of hard work and growing together, they may feel reluctant to speak about it and would rather seek satisfaction from anyone providing the sexual communications required to accommodate their needs.

Financial Stress

Financial stress triggers internal anger that leads to infidelity, it is natural for people to look for  financial security. After all we have to have a place to live and food to eat. Occasionally men and women are made to believe they have failed to meet these expectations and they accuse each other of not contributing to the relationship. Before they know it there is separation driving one or the other into an affair. Take time to learn what judgments you make that contributing to any separation in your relationships.

Spending Time

If you are a working person and spend most of your time doing your job, whatever it might be, then chances are your spouse believes that you are not spending enough time with them or giving them enough attention. This idea will reaffirm to them that  you do not care about for their frustration and problems. Once again no communications. Even though you are busy providing for her.


These are only some of the many reasons to the question, Why do people cheat on each other. If you are suspecting your spouse of cheating on you, then approaching the situation without concrete proof may end up heavily backfiring in your face and you will never know the truth. While it may seem wrong, the best thing is to be certain and then confront or communicate, which is the cause of the problem to begin with.

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